Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Christmas Man Rocks

We first noticed him because of his long Kris Kringle white beard and mustache as he sat in the corner of Del Taco eating his meal. He smiled at the Girl and she leaned over and told me, “He is a Christmas man.” (My kids don’t know about Santa Claus but they see all of these white bearded men around Christmas time and have concluded that they must be Christmas men. I know, you can whip me with candy canes later. They’re half Jewish anyway. It’s easier to keep them ignorant than explain the whole thing when they’re little.)

See we go to fast food restaurants too, and eat the bean and chicken burritos; which aren’t all that bad if you skip the mayonnaise sauce stuff and don’t get carried away with the super sizing or French fries and soda.

A little while later I looked over at the Christmas man who was much too skinny to be Santa Claus if the beard was gone, and noticed him tucking into an avocado. A glance later revealed an orange pepper and some grape tomatoes. He was enjoying his quesadilla and had brought with him a plethora of fresh vegetables to make his meal tastier and healthier. He was drinking water, and he ate slowly enjoying his meal, and most likely helping his digestion as well. For this week the Christmas man is my healthy eating hero, because he demonstrated how easy it is to make what we normally consume more enjoyable and better for us, just by adding vegetables.

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