Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Creamy, Smooth, and Sometimes Fluffy

So I was walking along on my way home from the store, thinking about how sadly neglected this little food blog is, and the last two questions that I have yet to answer, in particular Becca from Glasgow's question?

If you have any more tips on satiating a sweet tooth without too much sugar (and I'm really not into artificial sweeteners, hence the fact I'm asking you!) that would be much appreciated.
I find that it's texture as much as taste that I miss when I'm trying not to consume too many treats, or am substituting apples for cakes! (i.e. creamy/smooth, cakey/fluffy, creamy/smooth&cakey/fluffy! *lol*).
I've got the chocolate needs under control, it's more the dessert-without-sweetener needs I'm having trouble with. Any help would be gratefully received. =)
I was thinking of the things I've already said, like the three bite rule, and limit your indulgences to once or twice a week, enjoy smaller portions and really take pleasure in it when you eat it. But Becca has already read that, I needed something else. Suddenly, the clouds parted, a ray of sunlight fell upon my face and a heavenly chord resounded in my ears along with a single word, "CUSTARD!" Okay, so maybe I was imagining the choir.

Anyway, custard is full of yummy healthful eggy goodness, high in protein, creamy and delectable in texture, and relatively low in sugar, especially compared to cake. Though there is fat in it from the milk, you can control the amount by using lower fat milk. (I hear my husband scoffing at the idea of using low fat milk in the back of my head because he is like that, but we don't have to tell him.)

I like to eat custard with unsweetened chocolate flakes or cocoa powder sprinkled on top and fresh strawberry slices.

There are many different kinds of custard, baked, boiled, and hundreds of variations on a very popular theme some higher in calories than others. I consulted with my friend Google to find you a few to start with. For fluffy try this recipe.


animegaijingirl said...

Hi again,
I really appreciate your coming up with something when you have other things on your mind (as you've said in your other blog. BTW, all the best with that).
So, thanks so much for the custard idea! I have some brasilian flan recipes in the repertiore, but they are very high in sugar, so it hadn't occurred to me that other flans and custards could be made with such (relatively) little sugar. The higher protein content is also a plus, nutrition and dessert all in one place, bonus!
And yes, I have read your three bite rule, and totally agree that everything in moderation is fine (I much prefer a slice of good cake every now and then to lots of mediocre cake all the time) but unfortunately there are some weeks when a girl's need for sweet things overrules her self-control mechanism! *lol*
I think expreimenting with the boiled custard recipe 3 made with coconut and poured over a fruit salad might be in order soon... you know, just for research purposes =)
Thanks again, love what you write even if you can't dedicate that much time to it. (You can just think of it as giving us your food thoughts in moderation!) =)
Becca, Glasgow

Charity Grace said...

I remembered a great treat we make at our house, vegan ice cream made from bananas. It has the exact consistency of soft serve. I posted the recipe on my blog.

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