Saturday, September 22, 2007

chorizo, now with chicken

"Don't ask, just eat it."

I was sitting in a friend's RV near the beach in San Diego. He was making us breakfast. Chorizo and eggs, and warm flour tortillas. Chorizo is a spicy Mexican sausage that he squeezed from it's skin and cooked up like farmers sausage along with the eggs. It's a favorite breakfast in these parts. But you REALLY don't want to know what's in it. I have heard murmured references to rat droppings voiced around however.

Eating such tasty food, and having a cross cultural experience should be exciting, but perhaps not that exciting. That's what the folks at Trader Joe's seem to think. They have come out with their own version of Chorizo. It's made from chicken, tastes like the real thing, and you can enjoy it without worrying about the rat droppings. So go and try some today. Add eggs and soft warm tortillas and pretend you're on a beach somewhere warm watching the sun rise. At least, that's what I'd do.

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Scuzzlewump said...

LOL....the day after I read this, I went out for breakfast with my husband. One of the new restaurants gave out free meal coupons for their staff training day, to give them someone to practice on. Free food, hey, I'll be a guinea pig! :)
Anyway, wouldn't you know, one of the menu choices was this breakfast bowl that contained scrambled eggs, potato chunks, tomato, onion, cheese, and CHORIZO! :) I'd never had it, and despite your warnings, had it anyway. All I can say is that it was the best breakfast on the planet, and I don't CARE what really is or isn't in was AMAZING!!! :)

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