Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get a big knife

photo from viZZZual.com

Here's a really simple frugal food tip.

If you cut everything smaller, it goes farther.

If you cut smaller pieces of meat before you cook it it will stretch farther than large pieces without anyone really feeling deprived.

I cut dried fruit smaller when I make muesli. The flavor is more evenly distributed that way and it takes less fruit for the same result.

There's even science behind this. Remember high school chem when they told you that if you increase the surface area you increase the intensity of the chemical reaction? Same applies in the kitchen. Needless to say, I use my big chef's knife and cutting board every day.

The smaller you chop your onions the more flavor you get out of them in a dish, same with garlic.

Raisins can be chopped up smaller before putting them in baking. You can turn 1/2 cup of raisins into close to one whole cup just by cutting them into smaller pieces.

So go forth and chop smaller.

And share your frugal tips in the comments.


RachelD. said...

I dropped by to check out your archives and saw the new post!! Great idea to chop things up smaller. :-)

FoodRenegade said...

I do this with lots of stuff, but I hadn't thought of taking it as far as chopping up raisins. Really smart!

Emily Jane said...

Just browsing some of your old posts and HAD to comment...
I'm fairly certain I don't have the patience to chop raisins. I know I could if I chose to, but I have NO desire.
That is all. I love you.

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