Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Also at Target

We have been in party mode around here the last few days, and my husband just found another item that may be worth mentioning. Archer Farms Natural Italian Soda. There are several flavors and they really aren't chemical laden drinks. I wouldn't drink these every day or even every month, but for a party drink on special occasions, I did drink this, and it was tasty. There are 33 grams of sugar per serving, only 8 ounces, so it's not any less than regular soda, so I wouldn't recomend having more than a small glass, but that's me. It only has carbonated water, sugar, natural flavours and ascorbic acid.

I often forget to think about party drinks because I'm such a hard core water drinker, so this was a last minute purchase to cover my goof. If you are not me and planning ahead, I have some much healthier suggestions that we have done in the past. Martinelli's juices are just carbonated juice, no sugar is added. You can do this at home by purchasing real juice and simply adding soda water to it in a punch bowl. My husband likes to make lime soda at home.

Squeeze several limes until you have a fair amount of juice.
Add organic cane sugar until it's sweet enough for you. (This takes a lot of sugar, a sweeter fruit would require less.)

Mix one part juice and sugar mixture with 3/4 parts carbonated water.

Every one will be impressed and it's simple and tasty.

These are all things that we reserve for special occasions, parties, entertaining, as alternatives to conventional soda. We by no means drink this stuff on any sort of regular basis. The next time we break out the sugar drinks will be in two months or so when the Girl turns three, if I forget to buy Martinelli's or real juice, which I would prefer.

Coming soon. I'm looking for my home made whole wheat tortilla recipe. I'll post it when I find it.

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