Monday, October 23, 2006

I found it at Target!!!

TLC crackers that is, the Kashi brand. I would never have imagined that Target would carry a line of crackers that are made entirely of wholesome and edible ingredients, one that is a family favorite. I don't know if this siting is a nationwide phenomenon or not since Kashi is a California based company, but it would be worth it to look if you like crackers, or your kids do, and you want a nutritious substitute for what they are eating now.

I'm very excited because that makes one more grocery item that I no longer have to get in the car and drive somewhere to purchase. I can walk to Target. (My California suburb neighbors think I'm nuts to walk those 4 long blocks to the store when I could get in my gas guzzling SUV and drive there in about the same amount of time.)


Kim said...

Kashi is now owned by Kellogg, so I expect they will be getting a much wider distribution. I know I can find it at Sam's Club now!

Laura Holt said...

It's not just your California Target, I can get Kashi cereals at my DC CVS!

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