Monday, October 23, 2006


I have begun a book list over in the sidebar of books I really liked or still use. I'll add to it as I find the time and think of more. If you have small children check out Super Baby Food. My youngest is 3, if you don't count the soon to be newborn, and I still use all of the recipes in that book. It is comprehensive with everything from how to make your own yogurt, whole grain bread, baby food, crackers, to fun party ideas for toddlers. The binding on mine is cracking and I recently lent it to a friend who kept it longer than a week and almost went nuts because my children wanted pancakes and muffins, and our favorite recipes are in that book. She bought her own copy and gave that one back to me, and I could breath.

I just got a comment recommending "Sugar Free Toddlers" by Susan Watson. I've never read it, but intend to check it out, I mention it in case you want to also.

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