Monday, February 19, 2007

Now why didn’t I think of that?

Every night I fill my crockpot up with whole grain oats, barley, and millet, add water and spices and leave it to cook while I sleep. It’s great, my kids can get themselves breakfast without waking me, (Huge bonus when I’m awake all night with the Baby) my husband has something ready to eat when he leaves at whatever gawdawful time of the morning and we all get a healthy breakfast out of the deal. Every morning after breakfast I take the empty crockpot and put it in the sink to soak off all of the grain that got hard and stuck to the sides as it cooked so that I can clean it and do everything again the next night. I have two crockpots so fortunately this doesn’t slow me down if I’m making dinner in the crockpot, which I do a lot lately because the short people all seem to be at their crankiest in the hour before dinner time and it’s nice to already have the meal prepared so I can spend time with them instead, and the kitchen isn’t as messy either because I’ve had time to clean up.

Anyway, yesterday while going through the multitude of helpful tips at Works for me Wednesday hosted by the lovely Shannon of Rocks in My Dryer, (Does anyone not know about this yet?) I found this one. And it has me wondering why on earth I didn’t think of that I’ve after all seen a bain-marie used for bread pudding many times. The benefit to this, besides not wasting the grain that gets stuck to the side and turning crunchy is that the crockpot stays clean. I like this idea so much I’m going back and changing this recipe to include this handy tip.

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a. borealis said...

Have you always been this organized? You are amazing! I feel like I am just starting to get my bearings in this arena. I wonder, though, if having several children force organization (if you want to eat well).

Shoot! This post is chock-full of excellent ideas; most of which I am heading towards, but it is extremely nice to have things written out. I'm encouraged!

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