Friday, June 29, 2007

A pause to clarify and dig a little deeper

The tests on pesticides were done in the US regarding US produce and produce imported to the US. So Kate in Spain, I don't know if it applies to the produce you buy or not. I understand that Europe has become more stringent about pesticide use so it may not be an issue.

Dear people on a food budget of $50/week or less for a family. The time has come to embrace cabbage, and rice, and lentils and beans. Really, cabbage is a very inexpensive vegetable, even in Canada. It is a very good source of a lot of nutrients especially if you mix up the colors. For inspiration as to how to prepare the cheapest vegetables at the store, often the most nutrient dense as well, such as cabbage, turnips, beets, chard, kale, and parsley we can look to the recipes of northern Europe. For example, coleslaw. I promise that you can make these things taste good and I will try to write down some of these recipes soon.

Lentils are very inexpensive, rice can be bought in 10lb bags at Asian stores for less than $15 and lasts for months. So are beans. Lentils can be cooked and used as a ground beef substitute or to stretch your ground beef farther. They are actually a lot healthier than meat. As are beans and rice which are a complete protein together and significantly less expensive. People in our culture today seem to think that meat is necessary every day when that's far from the case.

I'm not just pretending to know about this. A many years back when the GH was between jobs I was standing in line at the food bank. I was trying to make healthy meals out of the random weird things that were donated, I spent less than $20 a month on food to supplement that. Honestly, because I have an obsessively well stocked pantry I had a lot of staples to deplete before we ran out. Guess what was in there. That's right, beans and rice, and lentils, and whole oats and barley. So I have been there. Personally I would rather make sure that my family gets their antioxidants and fiber and complex carbohydrate than chicken and steak. I'm that convinced that it's important for their health.


Becca said...

Hello =)
Just wanted to say that, while I have nothing specific to say in regards to your recent posts, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying the topic you're on and what you're saying about it.
(And, while I'm sure you have many recipes of your own, if you want a delish recipe for Brasilian rice and beans I'm happy to share!)
Becca, UK

Carrien said...

I'd love it if you would share, so I hope you check back here. Thanks for offering.

Scuzzlewump said...

Our Sunday paper recently did a study and came to the conclusion that to feed a family of four a HEALTHY diet, it would cost $172/week in Saskatchewan. I'm doomed. And that's not even using organic want organic....DOUBLE the price!
Because fruits and veggies have to be trucked, trained, and flown in, they cost a lot more. Want beef, chicken, or grains, THAT we can get cheap, but fruits, veggies, and fish? Nice wish!

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