Saturday, June 16, 2007

summer tips-revised

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Now that summer is here and hot days are upon us don't forget about water. It's a good idea to carry water with you at all times. If you buy a Nalgene bottle with a large lid you can put a ton of ice in it as well and keep it really cold and fresh. If your tap water tastes awful, now is a good time to purchase a water filter. They don't have to be too expensive and if it helps you to stay hydrated it's worth it.

One of the tricks to keeping cool in the summer heat is to eat lightly throughout the day. When you consume a large meal your body temperature rises as you metabolize the food. Eating a large heavy meal with hard to digest fats and animal proteins in the middle of the day can make you feel hot and sleepy. This is great for weight loss as you are less likely to feel like eating a lot when you're body is warmer so stock up on natural light snacks and enjoy the sun.

Summer is also the time to keep food simple. Fresh fruits are a great summer time snack. Cut up some cold watermelon and carry it along to the beach or poolside in a Ziplock bag. Don't forget about grapes and strawberries and peaches as well. This is the season for fresh berries of all kinds. Grab some almonds and sunflower seeds and you have to protein to go.

*After a. borealis commented about some Nalgene bottles leeching dioxins I remembered a very old post by Journey Mama where she mentioned a type of metal water bottle. After a long time digging through her archives I am proud to bring you the Kleen Kanteen the stainless steel alternative to plastic water bottles as their site proudly proclaims. I think I may get us a few of those this summer.


kate said...

Yes, I love those summer fruits. Right now it's cool and rainy, but soon enough it will be way too hot, and I'm hoping that will help me stay motivated to eat lighter...

a. borealis said...

This is such a party-pooping comment, but I just learned this in a book I recently read called Going Green (and therefore MUST share).

The author said that the Nalgene bottles actually leech dioxins into the water -- people don't think they do, because they don't impart a plastic taste to the water. He also said that the Naglene people are beginning to make "safe" bottles, but that you have to read the label carefully to know what you're getting. And crap, if I don't even know what to even look for. The author specifies it in the book, which, by the way, is a GREAT read.

I've been making the slow switch from plastic to glass, which is why this interested me. I thought you'd be interested too!

Carrien said...

a. borealis- Thanks for that. I was thinking as I wrote that that I really need to take the time and find a good metal water container so we can stop using plastic. But I haven't done this yet.

Rae said...

If you want to get REALLY picky, and you haven't bought anything yet, I recommend SIGG, since their stainless steel bottle is made in Switzerland, and Klean Kanteen (which markets itself as an environmentally friendly company) is made in CHINA. Hate that. Anyways.

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