Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Saga Continues

It's time for an update on the weight loss plan I suppose. Well, the last time I weighed myself I was around 145lbs. I rarely weigh myself, I don't own a scale. But this week I pulled some snug pre-pregnant pants out of the closet and they fit once more. I am about 15 lbs away from the goal weight I had in January. I don't quite understand why my pants are fitting already when I'm still so far off, but I'm not complaining. I still have a bit of fat on my belly, but my hipbones have re-emerged once more so we're not that far away.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, here's how much I've been sticking to my plan.

  1. Curtailing the snacking has been partially successful. I still have snacks but they are usually fruit these days. I only end up snacking about once a day.
  2. I'm still eating while standing from time to time. I've learned something interesting though. I've been really aware of my posture since I gave birth because I don't want to turn into a hunchbacked old woman. When I sit up straight I pay attention to my food better, I eat slower and I'm generally more aware of what I'm eating.
  3. I was doing really well with not eating while doing something else until recently. I've once or twice eaten my breakfast at the computer just this week.
  4. My portion sizes are under control. I use a smaller plate, and I put my food in the middle of the plate being sure to leave a border around the outside. I find this rule of thumb handy,
  5. Exercise every day. Well...my treadmill sits there gathering dust because it's in my bedroom where the baby sleeps, and I usually don't want to risk waking her when I have time to exercise, bad planning on my part. Here's what I've really been doing. When I take my children to the playground, I walk around while they're playing. I just keep walking and walking until they're ready to go home. (Unless one of my friends is there, then I usually stand around and talk to them instead.) I dance around with the baby when ever hits of the 80's is playing on my husband's i-tunes, which seems to be often these days. Why 80's? I have no idea, but we both think it's fun. I walked 2 miles for a fund raiser and raised almost $1000. I bench press the baby too, 10 reps at a time, she's getting heavier in direct proportion to my workout needs. I sit her on my belly against my raised legs and do crunches to play peekaboo. (I hold her so she doesn't fall.) I carry her everywhere. I walk to do all of my errands. I'm rarely breaking a sweat, unless it's really hot out, but it must be working a little since I'm smaller. I am stretching.
  6. I'm eating leftover salad for lunch and after dinner.
  7. I am still eating dessert a few times a week and squares of dark chocolate, but I'm not eating large portions, and I'm eating less challah bread too.
So, that doesn't look as bad as I thought it would when I decided to confess but I think the real reason I'm losing weight is because I eat the way I tell you I do, all the time. My breakfast is homemade meusli with homemade yogurt every day except Saturday. I really do eat salad everyday, and I don't eat junk food, hardly ever. The last Saturday snacking binge I was on included seasoned pecans and dried tamarind. (I know, I should really cut back.)

So there you have it, it's not that hard, and most of the battle is won when I'm finished shopping, the choices made there make the choices at home easier.

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