Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trifle Inspired Fruit Salad

I made this pretty dish on the weekend and the whole time I was wishing I had a camera so that I could show it to you. But I didn't. We did however buy one today, so you can expect illustrated posts in the days to come.


cherries-pitted and sliced in half

nectarines-cut into pieces

green grapes-halved

red grapes-halved

Strawberries-sliced or quartered

Mango-cut into pieces


1 quart plain yogurt


In a clear glass trifle dish layer the fruit as follows.

Cherries then a scoop or two of yogurt. Sprinkle cinnamon on the yogurt.

Next the nectarines. Then more yogurt and cinnamon.

Continue in this fashion with an eye to alternating colors until all the fruit and yogurt is in the bowl. I served this for dinner one night with cheese toast. (Cheddar and Jack on sourdough.) This would be great for a brunch with French toast, or a light lunch, or even dessert.

Variations: You can use whatever fruit you want that is in season, except for citrus which will cause the yogurt to curdle.

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