Monday, December 17, 2007

Making the Most Of Pantry Basics-Recap

Since we're heading into the Holidays and I am shopping again instead of getting by on what's in my pantry, my meals these days don't fit the guidelines I set out for this little series. And so I've decided to end it for now.

Here is a cost analysis for the 5 days.

Day 1-$6.80 or $1.70/person

Day 2-$5.30 or $1.33/person

Day 3-$5.82 or $1.46/person

Day 4-$5.89 or $1.47/person

Day 5-$6.28 or $1.57/person

That's way less than $2 a day.

Cost per person for 5 whole days? $7.53

Spread that out over a month and it's just over $45/person.

It CAN be done.

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