Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pantry Basics-Day Three

This morning we had porridge again.

1/2 cup hulled oats-$0.25
1/2 cup hulled barley-$0.20
1/2 cup millet$0.25
1 apple-At $0.57/pound about $0.40?

yogurt-Well it costs me less than a dollar a quart for the milk and we usually use about half a quart a day so, I'm gonna guess $.45
Breakfast $1.55

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday with some more rice and yogurt. (In India it's called curd rice.)
Let's say the one cup of rice and yogurt was an extra $1. Even though I'm positive it was less than that.

We had plans to go to a friend's house for dinner, and I was really excited not to cook today. But they had to cancel at the last minute so I was scrambling for a dinner that didn't involve soaking and cooking beans all day. I found some cans of baked beans that we had stockpiled earlier when they were on sale for $.69/can. Dinner was two cans of baked beans, more corn pone, only the GH added a can of corn kernels to it that cost $.59 and they tasted even yummier, bringing the total cost up to $1.09. Our vegetable was fresh sprouts. $.20

Total cost of dinner $2.67

Total cost of food for the day. $5.22

You may wonder what the baby's eating. I take most of our food, like the beans before I've added seasoning or the rice, and run it through a little hand operated baby food grinder. She likes yogurt and mashed up fruit too. And I flash steam green stuff to grind and feed her.

I was going to make bread tomorrow, but I suddenly have more artisan style whole grain and fancy bread options than I have storage space. More on that later.

Also, in the interests of full disclosure, the GH feels pained when he feels that his children aren't getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables so he went out today and purchased the sale items at our indoor farmer's market store, called Henry's. The banana's were $.39/lb, as were the organic rolled oats, so he stocked up on those big time so I can make muesli again. He got some apples at $.77/lbs and two bags of spinach for $3, and 20 oranges for $2. So the kids also had a banana each and an orange each today. Add $.60 to that total to accurately reflect snacking.

Honestly, it takes longer to write about what i cook each day than it does to actually do it, so please don't think it's a lot of work. The key is just to plan ahead. Think about tomorrow today.

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