Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cinnamon Sticks are a Fun Snack

Are your kids bugging you for dessert, again? Are you wandering around your kitchen feeling snacky and wanting to put something in your mouth but you're not really hungry? Have you ever tried a cinnamon bark?

Cinnamon sticks are those things that usually come as a garnish for fancy apple cider or hot chocolate drinks. What they are made of is rolled up cinnamon bark. It's the same substance that you have ground up in a jar in your spice cupboard. Cinnamon is just the bark from a particular tree.

So, if you like cinnamon, try taking one of these little sticks or whole pieces and chewing on it for a while. It tastes good, and has the added benefit of regulating your metabolism. This in turn helps to curb your cravings, as well as the really strong flavor. The calories in cinnamon bark are negligible so it's a great thing to have on hand if you are trying to curb a snack addiction too.

My kids think I'm so generous when I let them have a whole cinnamon stick to themselves!


Terri said...

Oooo, what a great idea. I didn't know you could chew on a cinnamon stick and it regulates metabolism you say? Even better.

Anonymous said...

i have to comment on this-- my mom was very health-food consious when i was a kid, so we didn't get gum and candy hardly ever. We would take cinnamon bark and a cod liver oil capsule and chew it together and call it Super Gum!

Unknown said...

I was just sitting here chewing on a cinnamon stick when my wife was calling me "weird." I used this article to dispel her wild accusations.

Unknown said...

I have recently went to whole foods anf bought some cinnamon sticks, and I tried chewing them, but they have the gritty texture. Can I swallow it or no?

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