Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A cool gift idea

Am I the only one freaked out by all the new info on polyurethanes leaching from plastic bottles. From what I''ve read, if the little number on the bottom of the bottle is a 1, 2, 3. 6, or 7, you could be getting dangerous cancer and birth defect causing chemicals from your bottled water, and water bottle, yes, even the Nalgenes. So I when to check my bottle that was supposed to be this great okay to drink from plastic and guess what. It's slowly poisoning me after all.

That's why I'm finally making the switch to metal. I LOVE the water bottles made by SIGG. They are so pretty. They have cool designs. They're made in Switzerland, not China.

Every one needs to drink water right? Why not out of a personalized bottle that is virtually indestructible and will last for year and years, provided they don't lose it. (The only way I know to break the things is to put them in the freezer with water in them, even if you only fill them halfway and leave the lid off. That's how I destroyed my husband's bottle. The one he's had longer than he's known me. The one that he has carried with him on every single trip he's ever taken to South East Asia. Basically I destroyed all of his souvenirs of almost a decade by wrecking that thing. Gulp.)

But he's getting a new one. I'm telling our family who ask to get us all one of these this year. And people on my list may just find something similar in their box as well.


ps. If you can't afford a cool little bottle. You could always
just use a glass jar with a screw top lid, or a glass bottle, which is what I am currently using. Just don't drop it by accident.


Scuzzlewump said...

Check snopes.com and put your mind at rest....it's a hoax about the plastic bottles!

Carrien said...

I did check snopes, thanks, and read their linked interview with an environmental researcher on the subject. He says their is a possibility of thalates from plastic getting into water as a result of heat, while he dismisses the dioxin scare.

So I'm gonna still enjoy my reusable non-plastic bottle.

And remember, reusable bottles are better for the environment because they lead to less garbage.

Carrien said...

I meant there, not their. Sheesh.

Scuzzlewump said...

Thanks for the response. :) Just another thought....don't metals leech into the water?
I personally find myself more concerned about using metal than the plastic. My scientific minded hubby agreed with me on that one, too.
For that matter, I figure, in my life, if I manage to actually DRINK the water we are supposed to drink, never mind what container it actually came in, I'm ahead! :)I hat the taste of water, tap, bottled, or otherwise. (and yes, even Dasani or whatever has a taste)

Carrien said...

The metal bottles are all lined with a special epoxy coating that prevents that very thing. Good point though.

Dasani is tap water. reverse osmosis filtered tap water with added sodium. Try adding a lemon or lime wedge instead. :)

Scuzzlewump said...

Oh, I see. Still kinda skeptical, (we could go on forever with the whole "well, wouldn't that break down/leech/whatever" ), but hey, to each his own, I guess.
And just to be difficult, lemon/lime wedges give me heartburn. ;-)
Oh well.
I hate looking dumb in an argument. Glad you know your stuff. :) I'll shut up now. ;-D

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