Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun with Food-Get 'em to eat sprouts

fun with food
I tell my kids that we're going to have bird's nests for lunch. Just drizzle dressing over the top.

Alternates for egg shaped foods include: almonds, grapes, brazil nuts, peanuts, etc.

The best way to get children excited about eating something is to involve them in the process. If they get to see it as a seed, and then help to rinse it and watch it grow, they are invested in enjoying that first taste. Even if they don't like it their first time, you're not likely to have to force them to take a bite. And remember, the more exposures to a food a child has, the more open they are to trying it.

Be a good eating example for your children. If they see you obviously enjoying something, and reaching for it first, they'll imitate you. Serve it with an enthusiastic smile and the expectation that they will like it, and chances are that they will.

Directions for sprouting can be found here. The same instructions work for nuts or seeds, though seeds should be grown for a few days longer, rinsing at least twice a day.

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