Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We have already finished the first leg of our Turkey binge. Tomorrow will be another.

There is a tradition in the Jewish calender before Passover of gathering food and making sure that all of the poor in the community have enough to celebrate the feast also. In our family we tend to go out and find them and bring them home for dinner. In years past we've had a couple who were expecting their first baby and living out of their car join us, and the generous outpouring of our friends on that day made it possible for them to stay in a motel for several months before and after the birth of their little baby. We almost always have a large, multicultural gathering, some people who have never celebrated thanksgiving before, and the Menu is usually eclectic and exotic. I'm looking forward to Indian food tomorrow.

I hope your gatherings with family and friends are full of joy and gratitude.

I wish you all peace.

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