Thursday, November 08, 2007

Favorite Foods

Indulge me, I have to post today, but I don't have time to upload the pictures to go with the recipe I had planned to share. I was feeling a little bit homesick, like cold snowy Canada homesick, homemade cookies and grandma's chicken dinner homesick. I'm planning on making my mom's butter tarts this year for the first time. Because they're my favorite holiday recipe and I want to share it with my kids. One bite transports me to every new year in my memory.

So I want to hear from you. What's your favorite holiday food. What evokes memories of people living and passed, and the warm memories of families together.

I've already told you mine, add to that baked apples over a winter fire.

I'm fascinated by the way food speaks to our hearts as well as our stomachs, how certain scents feel like home, or take us to far away exotic places, or bring back memories of a special occasion.


Anonymous said...


I live in New Zealand but my parents immigrated from Holland in the 1950's.

My Mum always used to make "Kerstkans" for Christmas - a pastry filled with almond type filing. I never liked it much though!

Mum also used to make Olliebollen on New Year's Eve - traditional Dutch deepfried bun/donut that has currants in it. Lovely rolled in icing sugar (you call it confectioner's sugar, I think!). Olliebollen are WONDERFUl and whenever I make them on New Year's Eve, I always think of my Mum (passed away 7 years ago). Sweet memories! And 2 of my siblings make them too - we phone each other during the day with our Olliebollen updates :-) It's great!

In New Zealand we often make Pavlova for Christmas Dessert - sort of meringue type dessert. Crunchy meringue on the outside, soft on the inside, covered with cream and decorated with lovely summer berries. Very yummy!

All definitely treats!

Cheers, Wilma

coraspartan said...

Some of the foods that I love during the holidays are:

Toutiere--a french meat pie that my grandma and mom made every Christmas, and now we make it every year. It's very simple--ground sausage, ground beef, spices (including a lot of sage), water, and a simple crust. Yum!

Cutout Christmas cookies--When we were little, we used to make these with our mom every year. We would make the dough, refrigerate it, cut out the shapes, bake and then decorate them. They are so yummy, and I don't usually make any, but this year I'm making some since we're not going home for Christmas.

Cinnamon Rolls--Although not necessarily a holiday food, my grandma's homemade cinnamon rolls were to die for. I can still conjure up the smell and taste of them in my mind. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. I think I'm going to email my mom and see if she has the recipe!

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