Friday, November 23, 2007

Trader Joe's vs Big Lot's, the face off continues

My hubby and I have a little running competition going. I find the best deals I can at Big Lot's and through the fliers. He then likes to try and prove how much cheaper it is at Trader Joe's.

The last time I was at Big Lot's I picked up a bag of Ghirardelli's chocolate chips for $2.50. I figured I could stock up for baking, and I found some nuts for 3$ a bag which are normally $6.
Now, I know that Big Lot's is a salvage store so the nuts weren't likely to be fresh, but I figured it would work out fine for baking.

The first thing the GH says when he sees them on the counter, "How come you got those there? Their cheaper at Trader Joe's, and better quality."

The next time he comes home with a larger bag of chocolate chips, milk and dark chocolate that he paid $1.69 a bag for, each. The nuts were more though.

I guess you could call that a tie. But the Trader Joe's Chocolate chips taste better, and so do the nuts.

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